Designed for interoperability, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server integrates into classical Unix as well as Windows environments, supports open standard CIM interfaces for systems management, and has been certified for IPv6 compatibility, This modular, general purpose operating system runs on five processor architectures and is available with optional extensions that provide advanced capabilities for tasks such as real time computing and high availability clustering.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is optimized to run as a high performing guest on leading hypervisors and supports an unlimited number of virtual machines per physical system with a single subscription, making it the perfect guest operating system for virtual computing.

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With SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2, the btrfs file system joins ext3, reiserfs, xfs and ocfs2 as commercially supported file systems. While the installation default is ext3, we recommend xfs when maximizing data performance is desired, and btrfs as a root file system when snapshotting and rollback capabilities are required. the file system for the operating system) across all architectures of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2.

Customers are advised to use the Ya ST partitioner (or Auto Ya ST) to build their systems: Ya ST will prepare the btrfs file system for use with subvolumes and snapshots.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a highly reliable, scalable, and secure server operating system, built to power mission-critical workloads in both physical and virtual environments.

It is an affordable, interoperable, and manageable open source foundation.

With it, enterprises can cost-effectively deliver core business services, enable secure networks, and simplify the management of their heterogeneous IT infrastructure, maximizing efficiency and value.

The only enterprise Linux recommended by Microsoft and SAP, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is optimized to deliver high-performance mission-critical services, as well as edge of network, and web infrastructure workloads.

Problem isolation, which means technical support designed to analyze data, duplicate customer problems, isolate problem area and provide resolution for problems not resolved by Level 1 or alternatively prepare for Level 3.

Btrfs is a copy-on-write (Co W) general purpose file system.

This can now be accomplished with by using the new option "--erase-local-regdata".

Note that this does not free the subscription that the system may have consumed in the Customer Center.

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