since leaving RBD and has appeared in a couple of reality shows as well.

Perroni studied acting in Televisa`s Centro de Educación Artistica (CEA) in the year 2000, completing two years of a three year course. Perroni is a member of the popular band, RBD, which was formed during the recording of the series and became a phenomenon around Latin America, United States, and parts of Europe. Recently, Maite composed the lyrics of a new song for RBD and its called "Tal Vez Mañana".

Today, Maite is recording a telenovela called "Cuidado Con El Angel", which is a history about a girl who is full of life although she is often tormented by something that happened to her in the past.

After signing with Warner Music Mexico, Perroni recorded her first solo album, Eclipse de Luna (Lunar Eclipse) -- the title comes from her personal affinity for the moon and the idea of an eclipse marking a new era of her life.

Produced by Chilean musician Koko Stambuk, the 13 songs spanned pan-Latin styles such as bachata (gritty Dominican guitar music), vallenato (a Colombian folk ballad featuring accordions), and Latin pop.

Perroni's next role as Marichuy, a shy orphan who falls in love with a psychiatrist rehabilitating street urchins in the telenovela Cuidado con el Angel (Don't Mess With an Angel), catapulted her to stardom.

Roles in Mi Pecado (My Sin), Triunfo del Amor (Triumph of Love), and Cachito de Cielo (A Little Piece of Heaven) were broadcast in over 130 countries.

In 2004, she joined the cast of Rebelde, a Mexican remake of the Argentinian telenovela Rebelde Way, as Guadalupe "Lupita" Fernandez, a working-class interloper at a posh private academy.

She and her co-stars also formed the band RBD, a Latin pop group that sold millions of copies of their seven albums by the time they disbanded in 2009.

La actriz Maite Perroni intenta a defender a su co-protagonista William Levy luego de que un ex-empleado del actor hizo comentarios que el es infiel a su pareja, Elizabeth Gutierrez.

La ex-empleada supuestamente incluyo a la protagonista de la telenovela Triunfo del Amor a la lista de las mujeres con quien el actor cubano mantuvo relaciones.

Oh, and she married the Manuel Velasco Coello, the governor of Chiapas this year so you know she’s kinda busy as the (fashionable) first lady of the Mexican state.