The choice his customers were given was 'this or none'; quite literally, not their choice but Hobson's choice.The phrase was already being described as proverbial less than thirty years after Hobson's death.

From whence it became a Proverb - On the face of it the connection between Thomas Hobson and 'Hobson's choice' seems clear. In a letter home from Yedo, Japan in May 1614, the English traveller Richard Wickham wrote: Hobson was born in 1544 and died in 1630.

Granting that the expression arose during his life-time, it could hardly have begun to pass into common usage before the close of the sixteenth century; and in those days such popular phrases were not communicated so fast as in ours.

He is now married (as of 31st March 2011) to Luisana Lopilato.

The couple are currently expecting their first child, a boy, around September 2013. He has been dating ice dancer Tanith Belbin for a few months. In my humble opinion Evan Lysacek is a closeted homosexual. William Frawley lived in a time when virtually all gay peoplewere closeted because being gay was seen as a mental illness and acrime.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the 68-year-old Lucas, but his bride-to-be is far from a household name.

Here’s five things you should know about Mellody Hobson:1.

She’s diversified: As if heading up a massive animation firm wasn’t enough, the overachieving Hobson is also president and director of the Chicago money management company Ariel Investments, LLC, according to Forbes.

And she’s also the financial contributor for “Good Morning America,” a role she has filled since 2000, according to ABC News, for which she hosted a 2009 special called “Unbroke.” And she is a regular columnist for Black Enterprise magazine.

to Disney in October for .05 billion, the majority of which he donated to education philanthropy, according to the Huffington Post.