Though the hot news buzzed in the media, neither of the pairs have confirmed their dating scenario.

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The leaked image depicted both Perhaps the unexpected leakage of such sexuality of Terrel helped him to appreciate his gayness, and also move on with a relationship with same-sex rather than making a girlfriend.

Not long after Terrell's gay sexuality surfaced out, he got romantically linked with model Keston Karter.

However, a year later, in 2009, Terrell's gay rumors got answered finally after Terrel's ex-boyfriend, Alex Cortez made things crystal clear.

He gave proof regarding Terrel's sexuality to media; the intimate pictures clicked of him and Terrel together.

Everyone in the club could tell from Keston and Terrell’s body language they are an item now.

So much so at one point Frankie had to hop in between them to get them apart (I snapped a pic of that).

(These films also feature Perry in minstrel-y drag, upsetting many in the black community, while pleasing others.) But this post is not about Tyler Perry!

It is about Terrell Carter, one of Perry’s actors and, as of This Week On The Internet, the newest famous homosexual to be outed. The Internet is not being kind to Terrell, as Rod 2.0 notes. Where gossips were once keen on playing it safe with Carter’s sexuality, the photos now offer carte blanche to brand him as gay. What we’d be interested to know is whether there’s any career advice conversation down the road between Carter and producer Perry — who might know a thing or two about the glass closet.

Biiiiiitttch but Keston is sooo fyne and he gave me FEVAHHH diva knowing that he is part of the family because I had no idea but that night sealed it for me chile! Keston and Terrell together gets 3 snaps in a Z formation twirl push and dip bitch oww!