Aired -5p ET • Bill Cosby Found Guilty in Sexual Assault Trial; Cosby Accuser Reacts to His Guilty Verdict; Trump's Governing by Gut Causes White House Indigestion. Aired -5p ET • Van Plows Into Pedestrians in Toronto; White House: "No Intention" of Firing Special Counsel Mueller.Aired 4-p ET • Will Trump's Own Words Doom Travel Ban? Aired 4-p ET • Nashville Shooting Suspect Arrested; Van Plows Into Pedestrians in Toronto.Aired -5p ET • Trump Lawyer Getting Look Inside Russia Investigation?

Mc Cain Pushes GOP To Reject CIA Nominee Haspel; Fox News Guest: Torture "Worked" On John Mc Cain.

Aired -5p ET • Interview With Stormy Daniels Attorney Michael Avenatti; White House Press Briefing; Interview with Senator Kamala Harris of California.

Aired -5p ET • Interview With Stormy Daniels Attorney Michael Avenatti; White House Chaos; White House: Trump "Eventually Learned" He Repaid Stormy Hush Money.

Aired 4-p ET • Giuliani Stirs Chaos With Spin on Mueller & Comey; Giuliani: Kushner Is Disposable, But Ivanka Is Off Limits; Fate Of Three American Detainees Release Still Unknown.

; Sean Hannity Revealed as Michael Cohen's Client; Michael Cohen's Mystery Third Client is Sean Hannity; Comey: Trump is "Morally Unfit to be President".

Aired 4-p ET • James Comey Tells All; Interview With Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.Aired 4-p ET • Where Will Trump and Kim Jong-un Meet? Aired -5p ET • NYT: Russian Lawyer at Trump Tower Meeting had Closer Ties to Kremlin Than Previously Known; House Republicans Trying to Distract From Mueller Probe? Aired 4- ET • Trump Praises Progress Made in North Korea Talks; Lawmakers Hammer Homeland Security Chief On Funding; Police Use DNA Genealogy Site To Catch "Golden State Killer.Aired -5p ET • Police Union Vote "No Confidence" in Sheriff Scott Israel; Trump, Sessions Spar Over Credibility of Justice Department.; Will Iran Deal Impact Nuke Talks with North Korea?; Pence: These People are Victims, They're Being Exploited.Aired 4-p ET • Volcano Disaster in Hawaii; President Trump Pushes FBI Conspiracy Theory.