Bardot was an extremely sensual woman, and many an artist took the opportunity to portray her femininity.

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Furthermore, Bardot remains the creator of the famous ‘choucroute’ hair style.

In photos and films, the ‘chroucroute’ was often Bardot’s hairstyle of choice; her long wavy hair was tossed seductively over one shoulder and halve-piled on the back of her hair, creating the image of intense volume.

Bardot was born in 1934, the daughter of Louis Bardot, a wealthy industrialist, and his wife Anne-Marie.

Brigitte and her younger sister, Marie-Jeanne had a conventional upper-middle-class upbringing in the affluent Paris suburb of Passy.

Since then she has devoted herself to animal rights activism, emerging periodically from semi-retirement to utter controversial obiter dicta which have led to several prosecutions for inciting racial hatred.

Almost worse – by the standards of celebrity, rather than conventional morality — her attitude to her beauty in old age is as insouciant as it was when she was young.Her heavily lined cat-like eyes and plump, full peach lips were her beauty signature, in conjunction with a pair of thin, perfectly arched brows.In addition, her curvy, voluptuous figure combined with an incredibly tiny waist gave her sex-icon status and a willing cult of male followers.Even though Bardot had landed the starring role of her first film ‘Les Lauriers Sont Coupés’ it was soon cancelled, however this persuaded her to continue as an actress and soon after launched her career in 1956 film, ‘And God Created Woman’.Bardot was to become one of the most notable sex symbols of the 1950’s and 60’s and was to exert her influence over fashion, film and animal rights.Gingham skirts which cinched her waist to accentuate her curves and striped tops and dresses proved lifelong favourites of Bardot’s.