She is interested in the issues and is ready to work hard.

But Billy's break dancing and Pete's campaign management have put Billy well in the lead.

But the paper goes on strike, and Connie finds herself in more trouble than she thought.

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The Degrassi series was originally a Canadian drama that followed the lives of a group of children and teenagers who lived on Degrassi Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The two main series were Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High.

Billy and Pete want to do grown up things, without Billy's pesky little brother, Benjamin.

They finally get rid of him, but Billy has second thoughts when it looks like they might have gotten rid of him forever.

Even though he is grounded, Benjamin sneaks out to a construction site to investigate with Ryan, and ends up falling down a hole and cannot get out.

Nobody wants to be different from everyone else, and Martin is horrified to discover that he is going to have to wear a hearing aid.

But Karen is not remotely interested in the yearbook's problems, or in the class voting itself a nuclear- free zone.

She has found a pair of roller skates that are destined for her feet - all she needs now is the money to buy them.

Billy knows it will not be luck that sends him to hockey camp, it will be his own hard work.