That will save your WD registry entries in a file called in the folder databackup.

You can now also have this done daily automaticly (see under setup, databackup (but some systems do not handle this very well), and the current datafiles and logfiles are also automaticly zipped with this function). Just enter the username and password in the SMTP AUTH email setup section,and the tick, set to use.

weather direct updating-30

Be sure you have your station setup as described in the Weather Station Selection page, and you have set the outdoor sensor # to use in the view, ws2010-13/ws2500 data setup correct (i.e as 1 ) What happens if I cant have my PC on all day? Within the Setup menu, click "setup FTP / ...", then select the tab "FTP /METAR download".

All of the graphs will be added on to according to time. Go to the lower portion of the display and choose a METAR station. Finally, set up the scheduled times for downloading and click the red button to turn it ON. A good idea is to rename/back up your current downloaded installer file, wdisplay32or

Most data is stored in the various files in the datafiles and logfiles directories. So, back up wdisplay.ini, from c:\windows or c:\winnt. And of course your datafiles, logfiles and webfiles folders.

New: Go to action, back up registry entry, then click on back now.

The right mouse click to toggle on or off to view an object, and click and hold the mouse button to move that object, and hold the CTRL key while moving the object to resize the object (after first enabling that via the right mouse click menu (one time only).

If you haven't installed the Weatherlink software, you won't have the My weather report email appears on all 1 line, i.e jumbled together Untick use HTML in the weather report/email setup (control panel, ftp/internet setup).And you can reset the monthly and yearly rain totals, via setup, enter barometer offset, other offsets and rainfall.The before you run the latest downloaded installer file, exit weather display first (and make sure other assoicated programs are not also running).Note: you must have installed a recent full or beta version before downloading and extracting the zip of just the main file (which you need to unzip to where you have weather display installed.Just remember to click on yes to save the settings.