Clerks are responsible for posting public meetings records, such as meeting notices, agendas, and minutes, in accordance with local governing laws and regulations that state when and how long these records must be made public.Clerk's Offices also register business names for businesses operating within their jurisdiction's boundaries.

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Find New Jersey clerk offices, including county, city, and circuit clerks, and clerks of court.

Clerks provide information on public court records and legal documents, criminal, jail, and arrest records, marriage licenses, divorce, judicial, and probate records, businesses liens, notary services, real estate taxes and voter registration services. A Clerk is the official keeper of public records for a county or local government.

Many Clerks also process passport applications, provide notary services, and handle other transactions of convenience.

Clerks support the elections process by providing assistance to candidates filing elections paperwork and individuals submitting petitions, and by working with the Board of Elections.

The Clerk's duties are established and regulated through a combination of state statutes, local ordinances and charters, and other regulations.

The Clerk's Office contains a range of public records.

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The WCEC is also pleased to announce, that in response to overwhelming public concern, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) will be holding a public hearing for the proposed expansion of The Martins Creek Power Plant in Lower Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

In addition to keeping public records, the Clerk's Office issues a variety of licenses and permits to the public.

Clerk's Offices issue dog licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, marriage licenses, liquor licenses, parking permits, and permits for special events.

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