Whatever the case, after being exposed to radiation, his body interacted with the sand under his feet mutating Marko in such a way that he could turn his body into sand and manipulate each grain to shape any form he desired.

While on the run in New York City, Flint, now calling himself the Sandman, began a crime spree and crossed paths with the novice hero Spider-Man.

The events that led up to William Baker becoming the Sandman vary from account to account.

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Losing his cohesion, the Sandman was felled by a bolt of lightning and was forced to flee the scene.

His father regarded the Sandman as nothing more than a "good for nothing bum" and fled the scene.

He had developed a crush on his teacher Miss Flint, but was heart broken when he learned that she was engaged to a stockbroker.

This made William believe that the only way to attract a beautiful woman was with money. On the day he learned that Miss Flint was going to be married, Vic and his friends trashed William's work and beat him up.

In high school, Baker became a football star and began dating a cheerleader named Marcy.

Arrested while making his getaway from a robbery, Flint found himself in the same prison as his father.Spotting the villain, Peter slipped away and battled him as Spider-Man.Ultimately the Sandman was defeated when Spider-Man sucked up his sand form in a vacuum cleaner and left him for the authorities.Sandman has later stated that he had intentionally allowed Spider-Man to "defeat" him as he had learned that his father was once again incarcerated.Back in prison, Flint broke himself and his father out.There he decided to try and force the principal to give him a high school diploma, but he refused.