It is a theme that gets played out repeatedly in Viet Nam's history and is also symbolized by the spelling of "Viet Nam" as two words, rather than one.

In fact, spelling Viet Nam using two words has a long tradition and is in keeping with the country's pre-colonized history.

It wasn't until Viet Nam was colonized by France that its name was shortened to one word.

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However, the imposition of Chinese culture, customs, language, political institutions, and at times cruel oppression and exploitation of the nation ultimately crystallized the Vietnamese people's fierce desire to be free and independent, at all costs.

This desire was finally realized in 939, as the Tang dynasty in China was falling into decline.

The capital was moved to Hue and gained its current imperial splendor.

This is also when the political influence of French missionaries became more prominent.

This period is also considered to be the "golden era" of Viet Nam.

The nation was divided in half in 1600 after numerous civil wars.

The monotonic Mon-Khmer language gave Vietnamese many of its basic words and the Tai languages contributed many aspects of tonality and grammar.

Also, because the Chinese dominated Vietnamese culture and history for almost almost a millenium, not suprisingly, much of the Vietnamese language's political, literary, philosophical, military, and religious vocabulary comes from Chinese, although the pronunciations have changed through the years.

The Trinh lords ruled northern Viet Nam while the Nguyen lords controlled southern Viet Nam.

During this period, the Le emperors had little real power.

Princess Au Co took 50 of the sons with her back into the mountains while King Lac Long Quan took the other 50 sons and ruled over the lowlands. C., his eldest son, Hung Vuong established the Hung dynasty, and he is regarded as the real founder of the Vietnamese nation and of the first Vietnamese dynasty.