Such a bummer because I love their clothes and shoes but their lack of care is maddening. Reply I returned an order 2/25/2018 and I haven’t received a refund or a gift card.

Reply I placed and order on 2/23/2018 with free 2 day shipping because my order was over a certain price.

I didn’t receive the order until 3/7/2018 and I expected/needed it by 2/28/2018.

On 3/25/18 they send an email asking for the Return shipping receipt, order number of the items returned.

I send them a picture with that information on 3/28/18 they ask me AGAIN for the same information.

Fashion Nova was founded in 2014 in Vernon, California, by current CEO Richard Saghian.

The company runs a chain of e Commerce and stores offering women’s fashion clothing, coats, and shoes.

I had no idea where the order was and it just showed up at my home on 3/7/2017. I have a friend having the exact same experience and she placed her order on 3/5/2018 with 2 day shipping.

She planned to wear items in the order on Sunday and now will have to go out to purchase items instead at this late date.

I went to the website several times to track the order and the page was always blank.

I sent emails to the customer service email address and was just told that the order will be sent soon.

I don’t understand why no one is available to assist when you call or email. and if the items aren’t available please refund my money.