# to verify that this workaround is relevant to your particular issue.

# # The parameter by itself can be used as a workaround, as well. Save an empty JKS file with the default 'changeit' password for Java cacerts.

The issue was that I had set up my keystore in the PKCS#12 format, but my truststore was in the JKS format.

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The idea is to provide a valid path to the truststore file - ideally would be to use a relative one. To make sure the store type is JKS, you would run the following command: I had this error message on Java 9.0.1 on Linux.

It was due to a known bug of the JDK, where the cacerts file is empty in the gz binary package (downloaded from

My gradle build started failing mysteriously with this error, unable to fetch HEAD from maven central for a particular pom file.

It turned out that I had JAVA_HOME set to my own personal build of Open JDK, which I had built for debugging a javac issue. Transport.send(Transport.java:124) Another reason for this is its actually valid error.

Checking /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/lib/security showed that my cacerts file was a symbolic link pointing to /etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts I also had a file suspiciously named cacerts.original I renamed cacerts.original to cacerts and that fixed the issue. Messaging Exception: Could not convert socket to TLS; nested exception is: ssl. Runtime Exception: Unexpected error: java.security. Invalid Algorithm Parameter Exception: the trust Anchors parameter must be non-empty at My solution was to run on an IBM jre or convert the truststore to JKS using an IBM Websphere keytool so I was able to run it in an Oracle jre.

SMTPTransport.start TLS(SMTPTransport.java:1907) at SMTPTransport.protocol Connect(SMTPTransport.java:666) at I faced this problem while running a particular suite of android for testing on ubuntu 14.04.

I open to any suggestions as I'm currently stuck right now.

I have gotten it to work from a Windows Hudson server but I am struggling on Linux.

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I've seen a good amount of information online about the error, but have not gotten any to work.