The following instructions explain how to create a Nominatim database from an OSM planet file and how to keep the database up to date.

It is assumed that you have already successfully installed the Nominatim software itself, if not return to the installation page. Europe, North America, planet), you should also enable flatnode storage of node locations.

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The updated statistics ensures the query optimizer in the latest release has most up to date data to produce the best plans.

For VLDB scenarios, running update statistics on the entire database can take considerable time to complete depending on the volume of data.

As applications are required to run 24/7 with desired performance, DBAs are increasingly under pressure to keep the maintenance window as low as possible.

One such improvement introduced in SQL 2014 SP1 CU6 and SQL 2016 CU1 is targeted towards optimizing and reducing execution times for UPDATE STATISTICS runs is detailed in this blog post. Consider a hypothetical scenario where a database has 4 tables viz T1, T2, T3 and T4.

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Learn More Vtiger's All-in-one CRM software helps your marketing, sales, and support teams create great customer relationships across the entire customer life cycle, at scale.The Nominatim server can be customized via the file for a full list. With this setting enabled, node coordinates are stored in a simple file instead of the database. Add to your Replace the second part with a suitable path on your system and make sure the directory exists. Wikipedia can be used as an optional auxiliary data source to help indicate the importance of osm features.Nominatim will work without this information but it will improve the quality of the results if this is installed.To recompute word counts run: This will take a couple of hours for a full planet installation.You can also defer that step to a later point in time when you realise that performance becomes an issue.This uneven distribution of workload can reduce the overall efficiency and throughput of the UPDATE STATISTICS run.