A registrant who wishes to transfer license plates from 1 vehicle to another must apply for a transfer within 5 days of acquiring the new vehicle.License plates may not be transferred from 1 owner to another.

updating the transfer rule-65

Notice that for the values of the query string parameters we used and , which are back-references to the capture groups that were defined in the rule pattern by using parentheses. The Edit Inbound Rule property page should look like the following page: Save the rule by clicking Apply on the right-hand side.

The rewrite rules are stored either in the Application Host.config file or in Web.config files.

Tags must be returned to the DMV or recycled at the Fort Totten Transfer Station on the first Saturday of the month.

The registration license plate and certificate of registration shall be issued to, and remain in the name of, the owner of the vehicle registered and may be transferred by the owner from the vehicle for which the registration license plate was issued to any vehicle which the owner may acquire within the same classification.

If vehicle is sold to a new owner outside the state of Delaware, the plate must be returned to the DMV.

A transferor must remove the license plates from the vehicle at the time of transfer, and has 5 days to return them to the DMV.

An owner who transfers, submits, or destroys plates is entitled to a credit for the unexpired portion of the fees and taxes paid.

If vehicle is bought or sold there is no transfer of plates between the 2 different owners.

This walkthrough requires the following prerequisites: To demonstrate how the URL Rewrite Module works, we will use a simple test ASP. This page reads the Web server variables and outputs their values in the browser. NET code and put it in the % Notice that certain parts of the regular expression are within parentheses.

These parentheses create capture groups, which can be later referenced in the rule by using back-references.

Save the rule by clicking Apply on the right-hand side.