HP's phone support also needs work, as representatives gave some incorrect answers and pushed us toward paid support.HP boasts an impressive and diverse lineup filled with attractive consumer products like the Spectre line, powerful ZBook and Elite Book workstations, and colorful budget systems like the Stream 14.On Toshiba laptops you can toggle between internal and external screens using Fn F5 keys. It’s possible that you have to use a different key combination on your laptop but you get the idea.

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Most models come with a one-year warranty, and some come with free shipping for laptops getting serviced, but HP's cheaper models don't offer such shipping protection.

One of HP's biggest achievements in 2017 was an overhaul of the Omen gaming lineup, with beautiful displays and upgradable specs.

Whereas the company's web and social agents provided correct information, its phone-based reps were less helpful, delivering multiple incorrect answers and repeatedly pushing us toward its paid subscription service to get answers.

HP's warranties offer varying shipping and terms of support depending on which model you choose.

For this purpose I’m using one of my test LCD screens.

My test screen is cracked and because of that you see a wide white band in the center but it still works fine for this test.

Speaking of plastic, HP does have a few cheap-looking clunkers in the lineup, like the Notebook 15-ba009dx, but the company has never been afraid to use color to make up for less-than-premium construction, as seen in the Stream 14.

In our testing, HP's tech support proved helpful, but not in every channel.

The original screen is white but my test screen works normal (except the crack of course) and I can see the image.

After this test I can tell that the problem must be related to the screen.

True, HP has a few Mac Book-inspired notebooks in the mix like the Elite Book 1040 G4 that try to out-Apple Apple, but then there are mold-breakers like the Spectre 13 (8th Gen Core) and the Spectre x2 with their barely there dimensions and copper accents.