Now edit virtual machine settings for advance options.Step Two : Edit the VMWARE settings eg: Memory, Processor, Networking Adaptors etc.

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Step Seven : Follow Step Two again “Select CD/DVD drive options and in Connection select Use ISO image file and browse the Darwin_Snow.iso” now you can boot in to Snow Leopard you may need to force restart 2-3 times if Kernel Panic happens, once machine boot successfully you can set your preference etc. Pradessh you can follow prasys on Twitter @prasys and his blog here.

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Right click on the CD icon in bottom of the VMWARE windows and click on Settings option.

Now change the options from ISO image to use physical drive and make sure you have Retail DVD already installed.

Read more about latest separate or manual download of 10.6.8 combo update.2) Download the Snow Leopard legacy kernel 10.6.8 and Sleep enabler kext.

(both are in same zipped file package) Before go to next step, take a snapshot in Virtual Box or VMware workstation.3) Run the 10.6.8 update.4) Once update is completed, DO NOT restart now.

Select CD/DVD drive options and in Connection select Use ISO image file and browse the Darwin_Step Three : Now power on the virtual machine and keep your finger on F8 key.

Hit F8 very quickly on your Keyboard you will be prompted with the following screen Step Four : Like Boot 132 method now you need to replace the boot cd with the Snow Leopard Retail Install DVD.

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