When the application enters configuration mode the visibility on the buttons is ...All, I've run into something of a stumbling block, no doubt due to the fact that I haven't used Swing in a while.

Dear All, I would like to change the content pane after pressing a button by the method : Content Pane(newc Content Pane); However, I find that it doesn't work.

The Frame appears to be "Frozen" after I pressed the button.

I want to add some new Components to my JFrame during runtime when a button is pressed.

This works so far, but i have to resize the window manually to see the new components.

I'm working currently on a GUI, and I want it to have various tabs.

For example, I want one tab to be a "main menu", with another tab being for data entry, or viewing results.

Here is some sample code: import javax.swing.*; import event.*; import *; public class App Controller { JFrame frame; public static void main(String[] args) void go(){ frame = new JFrame("Main Frame"); Default Close Operation(JFrame.

EXIT_ON_CLOSE); JButton north Button = new JButton("North Button"); JButton south Button = new JButton("South Button"); south Action Listener(new ...

All- I have a small Swing application that makes a couple of additional buttons visible if the application switches into a configuration state.

The buttons are added to their parent JPanel when the JPanel is first instantiated, but they are only made visible when the application enters configuration mode.

And you'll want to tell the JFrame to re-layout its components (the validate() method I think will help with this) and to repaint itself: Myself, I'd use a Card Layout to easily swap components rather than trying to do it manually.