You need to have your boot drive on the primary ribbon cable with the jumpers set to master and it should be placed on the end of the ribbon cable. heavy computer usage would be under computer gaming only and not online gaming, just plain solo play.

The other drive on that cable needs to have jumpers set to slave and be on the middle connector. as far as potential virus threats are concerned, my Asquared Free and AVG proved helpful for more than a year now as it detected and quarantined low-risk viruses (from traceware cookies) and USB.

Then, put the CDRom on the Secondary Connector and set the jumpers as Master and also put it on the end of the ribbon cable.

updating escd phoenix award bios 6 0pg-73

i'm back guys i don't want to post another narrative but i'm sure somebody out there may encounter a similar headache like the one which i got from my pc for the past week.

anyway, i bought a "spare" hard drive from a surplus shop and it was like a visit to a museum 'cos i opted for a QUANTUM Fireball CX13 series which is only 13GB and it has a stamp posted indicating the year 1999.

ADDITIONAL SETUP: my i didn't include the floppy disk in the boot order even though it is installed. attached the DVDLite On to the SEC_IDE with the 40-pin cable. checked that the red marks along the ribbon cables correspond to the pin1 from mobo and devices. the POST doesn't have those weird names for my Maxtor anymore. i also realized that the warranty sticker has the date sometime in 2005 (and not 2002 as i wrote above; i didn't open my computer then but hastily guessed).

my Maxtor is attached to a brand new ribbon cable (from the DVD/Liteon which i recently bought; its original ribbon cable was connected to the DVD instead) Let's back up a bit. and it acknowledged my HD as Primary Master and DVD as secondary slave. i never used the computer at home to surf video porn sites.

so i brought home this $15, 9-year-old rig and although it is noisy compared to latest super hard drives, it did its job: poster boy for my maxtor while i was between giving up and refusing to believe that 2005 maxtor diamondplus would give up this early (a stark contrast to the 1999 Quantum HD i bought) so i attached my Lite On DVDwriter as secondary slave to a 40-pin ribbon cable to my SEC_IDE mobo slot, removed the floppy drive and its ribbon cable from the whole setup, attached the Quantum HD as primary master.

this setup went for almost a week until tonight when the house isn't bustling with family members i decided to reattach my maxtor one more time.i reformatted my Maxtor HD with Win XP SP2 a week ago, i decided to trim down from the usual games (down to only Call of DUty 2) and softwares (flash player plugin, Java runtime environment 6, shockwave flash, Nero, Skype, Firefox v3.04, YM version ymsgr8us, ASquared Free antivirus) i download, except for that which i downloaded online after an earlier post-reformat game of Call of Duty popped up a "Miles sound system required" dialog.i downloaded it until i realizesd that my no-audio problem was resolved by using the mobo install cd with the Real Tek AC97 driver)!anyway, i was about to play my fav music and Miles sound system popped up in the open context menu (right_click option) and instead of choosing Media Player i clicked "Miles sound" 'cos i thought, Hey let's try how this Miles interface looks, after all, it's with Call of Duty 2" instead.SYMPTOMS: Right after i clicked that Miles sound option, my pc auto-restarted and after several attempts but POST msgs, i decided to reformat.i reintroduced my cd which has cutepartitionmanager file in it. initialization failed." i noticed something in the post about my 256mb ram and 512mb rams: in the POST screen it when i inserted only the 256 mb ram the POST showed on the upper right corner "DDR at row(s): 0" when i put the 512 alone it was ok like DDR at row(s): 0 1 i got a spare 256mb and reinserted it with the 512 in the dimm slots and it confirmed "DDR at row(s): 0 1 2", and swapped them and "DDR at row(s): 0 2 3" so i set aside the doubtful ram.