Each product update task has a specific schedule and settings, including: Updates are retrieved from the Administration Server by the Network Agents.With the update servers of Kaspersky Lab or other FTP or HTTP locations, updates are downloaded over standard network protocols.As an alternative, you may use a regular schedule, for instance, once an hour.

This mode can be used for creating an update source in small networks or subnets without Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server.

In larger networks, update agents are used to create intermediate update sources.

If a proxy server is required for accessing the source, its parameters are specified in the protection policy (in the Advanced Settings / Application Settings section).

By default, an automatically detected proxy server is used.

Also, you can specify a separate list of update sources for client computers working in the mobile mode—which typically means that the Administration Server is inaccessible for them.

That is why, by default, updates will be downloaded from Kaspersky Lab update servers.In compliance with the CISA and all its related guidelines and provisions, BPI will submit and disclose the required information regarding any loan or credit facility you have obtained from the Bank to the CIC. Updates from the server repository are distributed to the client computers by group update tasks.If computers are combined into groups and the optimal updating procedure is different for various groups, you can create a customized update task for each group.Please keep in mind that if both parent and child groups have tasks of the same type, the computers of the child group will run both tasks. Updated Customer Information- Organization Name:___________________________Customer Number:#___________ Billing Address: Address:___________________________City:______________State:___Zip:________ Shipping Address for Materials: Address:___________________________City:______________State:___Zip:________ Contact Information: Accounting Contact Name:_________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________Email: _______________________________ Additional Contact Name: _________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________Email: _______________________________ 2.