Catalyst can provide a variety of tools for starting these conversations.You can also download the "Jealousy Ain't Love" booklet, and look through it on your own and/or with your teen(s).

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The center is surrounded by different sets of behaviors that an abusive partner uses in order to maintain this power and control.

These sets of behaviors are: A lot of these behaviors can feel subtle and normal — often unrecognizable until you look at the wheel in this way.

Addressing teen dating violence and building healthy relationships takes work, and education is the first step.

Download our Teen Dating Abuse booklet: "Jealousy Ain't Love" to learn more about the dynamics of abuse in teen relationships, and ways to build healthy relationships.

Although it can be difficult, it is vitally important to talk to teens about relationships.

It can be as simple as asking them what they are looking for in a relationship, telling them that they deserve to be treated with respect, or reminding them that you are there to listen if they ever need to talk.

Studies show that 1/3 of teen relationships are abusive, and that women between the ages 16-24 are at the highest risk for experiencing abuse in an intimate relationship.

Teen dating abuse can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, religion, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical ability.

Relationships play a huge part in our daily lives, and people describe relationships in many different ways.

Maybe you and your friends call it “dating,” “going out,” “hooking up,” or “seeing each other”?

Regardless of how you describe it, Catalyst can give you tools and support to help you recognize what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy, because everyone deserves to be treated with equality and respect.