Hi there, Anyone have had an issue with this brand new monitor will using DP connectivity?

Did have had some issues with the prevoius version (Dell Dell U2713HM).

Must also say Display Fusion Pro is worth the investment when using multiple displays as I have 1 x monitor at 2560 x 1440 and then the second with 2 vertical splits at 1280 x 1440 which have their own taskbar/start button and with profiles I can easily switch and even just flip back to one monitor if just browsing etc. Other googling just results in a big mix of comments from people saying it either works or it doesn't.

I am so happy I held off on those tempting U2713HM deals. 2x U2715H's Total $1352.32 Thats $676 Each, so just under 20% off. I'm not in a rush I was looking at getting them December/January. First impression is great monitor, leaves my old Dell SP2309W for dust. I can use an EPP code to get an additional 15% off. However at PCCG's price plus shipping it much the same as the $713 I got it off Dell for. LOL I have just ordered my second one of these and it is a really nice monitor.

By memory it just said finance as the option and they emailed me to call them They emailed the below with direct number and extension to phone to the person who sent this email Hi, This is regarding the internet reference # AU0134-blah blah, I will help you applying 6 months interest free finance. I bought a Phillips 28 inch 4k and hated it and had a Dell U2711 which is getting a little old now and I really love the much thinner bezel on this new model.

I have bought 5 dell monitors , no issue with pixels yet (touch wood) Have the U2715H here but I have it connected with the displayport on the video card (GTX970) to the mini displayport on the monitor. i hesitated over the weekend but decided to place an order yesterday.

spec is good enough, so far no issues reported like p2715qand considering dive of dollar, the chance of this monitor to be further discounted beyond 15% is slim.

Really happy with them and in conjunction with Display Fusion software a really flexible setup. ill just send an email to scan (where I bought it from) and ask for a replacement.

I had a 4k monitor and just not for me as Windows 8.1 scaling is not that great and also found a lot of display lag when scrolling web pages which actually made me feel nauseous. I just hope the next one doesn't have something else.when I first switched it on this afternoon I noticed the 'cross-hatch' bars were fainter than yesterday and after a some use they disappeared. I'm not sure if I want to go for another monitor I'm kinda loosing my trust in dell i can never understand why some ppl getting it from retailer, surely it can't be cheaper than what's sold on dell website, can it?but correct me if i am wrong, few years back i was told by jb that dell notebook sold there are refurbished, not brand new, unless it's ordered directly from dell online gl Hi guys, I've still been keeping an eye on this screen – is 8.74 a good price from Dell? It's actually AUD3.15 versus USD8.74 – dang it, thought I was on to something! But changes seem to be more cosmetic than anything? Noticed there's an optional sound bar that can be attached below. Firstly the US price does not include tax as each stat has their own tax rate. Dell normally start their sale on Thursdays, so will check back then. Honestly don't think it is worth it over what I paid for a U2713HM at current price. I'm looking for a good monitor with displayport OUT so that I can daisy chain my current monitor (with only displayport IN) with that one and then to my Surface Pro 3. I play FPS and RPG`S, I`m thinking a 970 should be suitable for a year or two then I would sell it and get one of the new cards when the smaller dies` come through. I doubt its worth it since my U2713HM is still going strong but under very particular gaming conditions I have noticed the odd ghosting which I believe is just a limitation of the monitor not that its faulty or anything. The Newer model has the same standard response time as the older one, however it has a 6 ms ( gray to gray) FAST Mode. Also Connectivity on the new one loses VGA and DVI but gains an extra HDMI (making it 2) and an extra mini Displayport. I also have access to Dell EPP which I can get 15% off monitors.Ergonomically, with the thin bezel the USB ports have now moved to the bottom of the monitor. At 0 USD, this could work out to be -100 more (or greater) than the U2713HM after a typical 30% discount? I love that they managed to get that bezel onto the 27" monitors (bar those touch buttons). US9.99 ~ A3.96 (based on XE – 1 AUD = 0.881643 USD)If I add the 10% GST I get 3.36. /en/audhs1/campaigns/dell-purchase-program-australia edit To be eligible for the coupon discount set out in these terms and conditions, you must be an employee/student/member of company/school/association enrolled in the Dell Purchase Program and it ends on tomorrow :-( Just got a quote that is only valid for today from my Dell contact. If not this week then Black Friday / Cyber Monday is at the end of this month. But with a 30% discount, it is within of what I paid for a U2713HM on discount (literally waited 2-3 months). Cheers My U2715H turned up today, took me 10 minutes to work out to select the mini display port in the monitor menu, it defaulted to the full size ports and even though the PC could detect the monitor, the monitor just said no Display Port cable connected. I`ve had my Dell 2407 for several trouble free years now, so well done Dell, I hope this new one gives similar service. But even at 15% off it is still 3.15 from Dell where you can get it from 2 from one of these other retailers Figure in the shipping price, Dell ships for free, I know PCCG offered the same 3 year warranty as Dell. Once that 30% hits (hopefully soon) I am jumping on 2 of these badboys been dreaming about dual 27". It is still going strong just has a bit of colour faded area in one corner. Or simply press the UK flag in the left corner and the whole site is then in English...I haven't used the U2711 personally (my mate had one for a little while, but I didn't really use it myself). That said – the U2711 is quite old and you are probably better off looking at the U2713H instead... I had the U2713H and the overshoot problems on that were terrible. wandering if I should complain to get it replaced or learn to live with it – knowing my luck ill end up with a screen that has another defect like a dead pixel which I think would bother me more than this I bought 2 of these and had the U2711.