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Background For almost four decades, our internationally renowned, peer-reviewed journal, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, has enabled professionals to keep abreast of the latest research and examine approaches to life-threatening behaviors.

The journal employs biological, statistical, and sociological approaches to explore the full range of issues in suicidology.

Some of the union boys went a step ahead and tried to snatch phones of those present. In institutions of education, why do we need unionism?

As if the trolls from the screen had arrived in person. How can this atmosphere of fear and intimidation be wiped off? Politics at universities is supposed to be for student rights not against their rights?

She was there to talk from experience on how trolling affects women and what steps can help prevent it. If it wasn’t for professors who guarded her and later students and our colleagues who made a human chain around her I shudder to think of implications.

The noises got louder and the workshop was disrupted.

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At a point all the real students of the college were pleading with these union members to leave.