HTC does a superb job engineering and maintaining the highest build quality on their devices.

Removing the back cover of the device was a little bit of a concern.

I still feel this may be a concern in the future, because unlike other devices in the past, the Tilt 2 requires you to remove the back cover to soft reset the device.

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I still have my original Tilt and the mechanism after one solid year of constant use, and back duty while I used my Fuze is still rock solid.

HTC again does an excellent job engineering and building these devices for years of service life.

The back cover is much thinner than previous devices and I remember myself thinking that replacements will be a hot seller for the Tilt 2.

After installing the 1500 m Ah battery into place, a lot of my fears about the back cover were reduced as the Tilt 2’s back cover perfectly conforms to the device and there is no up and down or side to side movement on the back cover indicating how thin it was made.

The reason is that we have known the device (Touch Pro 2) for several months through the European HTC Branded Device that was released in June 2009, and later through more aggressive US Carriers like T-Mobile that released their version of the Touch Pro 2 on August 12.

AT&T got a lot of criticism for the amount of time they took to release their version of the Touch Pro 2. Lots of speculation was that AT&T had not gotten all the mileage out of the Apple i Phone 3GS and were purposely holding off on their release of the Touch Pro 2, which during this time was being called the Fortress. This is the weekend that the AT&T Tilt 2 will hit the retail stores!And to help you make a better decision on purchasing or upgrading to the AT&T Tilt 2, I have been reviewing the device for the last week and have written up a review to hopefully get you better acquainted with the Tilt 2 before you buy it. I really liked the AT&T Tilt 2 and this week as been an absolute pleasure with the device.As far as the slide out keyboard is concerned, there was absolutely no issue with the mechanism and the tilting screen rotates very well.I would also like to point out to anyone new to the Tilt, that if you are concerned with the life cycle of the tilting mechanism, there is no need.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.