It promises to make you ‘virtually immortal’ in a digital archive.This doesn’t feel as warm and fuzzy as a memorial bot, and would probably look more like Picasso’s ‘Guernica’.

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Taboo chat bot friend help with dating self destructive

There is a beautiful article on made me think about my own digital attic of Me.

I remember the day, many years ago, when I created my first email account.

about Eugenia Kuyda, an artificial intelligence expert and co-founder of Luda.

The article was really more about a chatbot she had made in the wake of her friend’s death: a memorial bot for Roman Mazurenko.

I feel that if all of this data were to be expressed visually, it would be one of those impressionist paintings that have a wild familiarity, like Kandinsky’s ‘Composition VII’.

Or perhaps it is more likely to look like absolute empty space, white pastel on canvas — my dead digital self’s ego should not be inflated to such dizzying heights.

My mother was making gooseberry pie and I used this as inspiration for the ID.

I spent hours every day, for several years on MSN Messenger talking to my friends.

Eternime is a similar programme that reaches out much more explicitly to our fear of being forgotten.