It’s not perfect but it gives a general idea of how expensive it is just to live in your area. In my first one, I chose someone who I had mediocre chemistry with who was struggling financially. The allowance there was 0 per meet….though since the chemistry wasn’t strong I wasn’t exactly clamoring to meet her and it eventually faded. I’m 40 and she was 30 so the age difference wasn’t huge and she also had a job and a stable income.

Ultimately with her, there wasn’t even an allowance and it was really more like a regular relationship…though I essentially just paid for all our fun activities like concerts, dinners, vacations, and also for her to get her hair and nails done and for her yoga classes.

And she will likely look like Angelina Jolie, but smarter, more articulate and charming. Now if someone from california flies her over than its a different stories.

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For every girl who smiles and says “20% of your income” there are many who will giggle and swoon for 10%. Thank you in advance for you help, Bisous xoxoxo Hi Lola, we always, always advise SBs to not have sex – or do anything that’s too relationship-y – before starting an arrangement.

The SD gets to decide if the one who wants 20% is worth double the price. That means already having talked about the allowance (at least by the second date), worked out an allowance/situation you’re both comfortable with, allowance receiving options, etc.

I make over 400K a year with a net worth in the millions, but I have my own investment and financial goals too and wouldn’t give out more than 4000.

But it’s not just about the money for both parties. I am actually a sugar baby and my sugar daddy is the founder of Pornhub… So knowing my SD is financially okay to take care of me he still makes it so awkward to talk about money and he’s so emotional (believe it or not lol). Always, always speak up for what you think is right and so far it’s gotten me really far along with my SD.

We talked about it being a more serious relationship even, but it ended when I had to move.

The last one was with someone who was 20 years younger.

A girl’s worth is based on more than the man’s income.

It’s based in large part on HER, and also on how much he wants it.

I find this article helpful but how do I come up with a value for myself? Easy way to figure out is to leave it up to him and if he offers you less tell him thats not going to be enough for u This way u ll always end up getting more than u want to ask for.