The study by Hub Spot identifies another problem: how to calculate the ROI of a marketing campaign.

This still seems to be a difficult task for many companies. In this case marketing automation would be an ideal solution as well.

However, a problem I often encounter at this stage is: not all partners would like to take part in that. And they provide no further feedback to the vendor – just because they are slow and don’t want to leave their comfort zone. They ask themselves what happens to the lead after they ‚lose hold’ of it. Partners get a guarantee that the lead lands back in their system after they send information about it to the vendor. How well are German companies doing in terms of marketing automation processes? That is, it affects the whole organization structure and every process in marketing and sales. It will be too late to start with this when bad times arrive.

How can we stop this confrontation and encourage the partner to share lead information back to the vendor? Across the whole lead management process and in the marketing and sales strategy. This helps build trust and certainty to optimize the customer journey. Recent studies show that only 29% of German companies use marketing automation processes*. Most enterprises are slow and they think: why should we change anything? When I wrote my book “Die Inbound-Marketing-Methode” (The inbound marketing method) in 2012, the reaction was very restrained.

Dear reader, As you might have learned Adept Scientific was placed under administration in November 2014.

Alfasoft AB has acquired the Adept Scientific Limited assets and founded Alfasoft Limited to continue to provide the services.

Today you cannot imagine marketing without inbound marketing and marketing automation.

leadtributor software is part of that trend, it is closely integrated into the marketing automation process.

We have asked him what companies with multi-tier sales structures can do to generate more and better leads. But, before your very first date you offer them already to go on holiday together. It is very important to connect the sales to the process.

Mr Schuster, the recent study by Hub Spot proves: the first contact with the potential customer is the biggest difficulty for organizations. Sales managers are the only ones that contact the potential customer directly. Unfortunately many sales partners are still doing that today.

You have to be ready to react while still ensuring continuity in service.