And we may not have seen this couple coming, but how adorable are Anna Camp and Skylar Astin together?!

As much as we're still totes devoted to Jesse and Beca in the movie, this pairing seems just about perfect in the real world!

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Skyler’s partner on that crime was not other than his friends Robin Williams and Ben Stiller.

Besides that, the fun fact is Levine could not ignore such a hard work of them and she said Yes.

According to a source who spotted them making their dating debut at last weekend's 3rd Annual 24 Hour Plays, they were getting cute and cuddly!

Love comes when you most need it, and perhaps theirs just flourished in the wake of her heartache.

Our records show that Niki Skyler is currently Good news.

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There is no confirmed answer to this question PERIOD.

And Mariah could've gone out with Eminem in 2001 because Eminem was married to Kim at the time. There truly is no confirmed answer to this question.

There is no any information found since when the couple have been dating with each other but we hope that they will make their long way.