The show had a complex storyline and one from the ensemble of actors on the show was was Abhinav Kohli, an engineer-turned-model-turned actor.

Abhinav was one of the many characters in the serial, and there were not many scenes of Shweta and Abhinav together.

She signed for her fifth sitcom[Read More: Ayesha Takia’s Marriage]in the year 2008.

She added that since she was young and naive she had no idea how to choose the right life partner.

It is said that after striking a friendship, Raja and Shweta soon started dating.

During late 2006, she came out openly about the perils of the officially sinking Shweta Tiwari wedding and marriage with Raja and how she would face domestic violence on a daily basis.

The issue started becoming more apparent when Raja would lose his temper every time a media person would quiz him about his estranged wife.

Although his career had set off as a Bhojpuri actor, he did little to be frugal with his earnings.

For this reason, he would always be financially dependant on Shweta.The couple had a daughter in 2000, and then went on to split in 2007.There was a second Shweta Tiwari wedding, but not before an ugly divorce process. We take a close look here at the Shweta Tiwari weddings and all the drama that ensued.Within a year of separation, the Raja Choudhary Shweta Tiwari wedding went in for divorce, but it was not going to be an easy road ahead for the young lady.In spite of the ongoing legal tussle on the dissolution of the Raja Choufhary And Shweta Tiwari wedding, Shweta went back to work since she knew she was the sole guardian for her daughter Palak.Things started going sour in the relationship when Raja would indulge in verbal abuse even for simple spats.