‘Women are coming forward talking about wanting their desire back to the way it was, or better than it was,’ says Cynthia Graham, a psychologist at the University of Southampton and the editor of .

‘But they are often encouraged to aim for unrealistic expectations and to believe their desire should be unchanging regardless of age or life circumstances.’Others contend that we are, indeed, in the midst of a creeping epidemic.

(We have a complete run of the magazine on a shelf next to The New England Journal of Medicine). Although movie fans continue to believe the mistaken myth that Lee Van Cleef played "The Ugly" in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", in reality that part was immortalized by Eli Wallach.

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Prior to Sergio Leone's masterpiece, he had been inevitably cast as villains.

In the wake of the film's success, however, he was generall cast as the heroic leading man.

Here are the naked Polaroids she slipped in between her husband’s business papers, explicit notes once left on mirrors, Anaïs Nin, a riding crop.

Come evening, Julie used to watch her husband’s movements from across the room, eager for the moment when dinner was done, the kids were asleep and all other intrusions to pleasure had been dismissed.

But I always thought that was other people’s misfortune,’ she says.

So when her longing began to dull, Julie struggled to discern what was going on.

Billboards, magazines, television all proclaim that healthy women are readily climactic, amorously creative and hungry for sex.

What might strike us as liberating, a welcome change from earlier visions of apron-clad passivity, can also become an unnerving source of pressure.

She blamed the stress of work, the second child, her busy and travel-heavy schedule, the effect of changing seasons, until she had run down the available excuses, and still found she would rather go for a jog on Sunday mornings than linger in bed.