While there are lots of honest agents who obey both the letter and spirit of the law, there are plenty of sleazeballs who will do just about anything that they think they can get away with just to get some extra cash in their pocket.Truth in Television - HR are responsible for vetting job applications, usually without any knowledge of what skills are needed to do that job.As far as everyone else is concerned, the sales department is a den of iniquity staffed with inveterate liars with absolutely zero integrity who will say anything to anyone if they think it'll get them a sale, and no matter how many lies they tell and how many impossible promises they make, the only way that they'll have to face actual consequences instead of getting a slap on the wrist or being able to throw someone else under the bus is if they do something that could potentially get the company sued.

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Of course, in works where those people are mocked, the debt collectors are usually portrayed as sympathetic, hardworking and fair men.

Pretty much the same deal as the Evil Debt Collector above, except these guys don't give a damn about any laws, much less the FDCPA or other debt-collection laws in their general area.

They may or may not also be predators looking for Nouveau Riche individuals who suddenly need to manage large amounts of money, or elderly estate-holders who might be less able to keep track of their assets, with the intent of funneling money from them.

Closely related jobs are not exempt: Auditors and Tax Collectors are unnervingly strict, heartless and unforgiving.

Maybe it's because Writers Cannot Do Math or failed physics, but the stereotypical image of skinny men in elbow-length dress shirts, wearing thick-rimmed glasses and playing with a slide rule (think NASA engineers in the 60s-70s) seems to stick in people's minds.

There are exceptions to this / the image is potentially being reversed, however.So they tend to be responsible for stopping you from getting a job you could do in your sleep, hiring obvious morons, or firing the best worker in the department for some imaginary infraction.And they're never on your side; any offer they make to help you is all just to make corporate happy about being covered against lawsuits and potentially finding a way to drop some cubiclelander who isn't thrilled about being crammed into a chair for eight hours a day to do pointless work for insulting pay while surrounded by assholes.Subtrope of Acceptable Targets, there are certain characters that are doomed to be mocked (and have a general negative characterization) just for their career choice.Please do not add particular cases to the examples listed here. Since they're trained to defend anyone, even if their client is obviously guilty, lawyers are often labelled as prolific, greedy liars who will find even the most vague of loopholes in the law to get a good verdict.Suits of all kinds can fit here, but the usual ones are working in a morally dubious industry (oil companies, cigarette companies, etc.).