Hurd had with the woman and culminated in Hurd's forced resignation Friday from the world's largest technology company.

The nature of the harassment complaint wasn't clear.

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Text frequently, make use of Skype so you can talk about actual real life, and send the occasional nudie pic/vid to make sure you don’t get long-distance friend-zoned. This will go absolutely nowhere if neither of you is willing to go the very real and legitimate distance. It’s seriously like having your favorite takeout every night.

You don’t have to do any work because your date/booty call/soul mate is like... And that, my friend, is exactly the attitude you can’t have, as this will quickly spiral into a sex-less relationship based on a mutual love for takeout. You already know exactly what you’re getting into here, so we really don’t know how best to help you.

Fortunately, in the real world, much already works in your favor. She has probably even complained to you about how “men are the worst” (except for you because you’re just so sweet), and you know what it is that makes her tick. Catch her off guard by noticing something you don’t usually notice, and get her thinking that you see her in a different light.

If she warms to your advances, tell her you’ve been thinking about her and would like to get a drink with her.

You’re confusing a romantic, idyllic situation with actual legitimate feelings.

However, if you’re going to see this one through to the fast-approaching end while navigating a long-distance relationship with someone you met one time, the important thing to do is to keep regular communication.

Plus, the less people know or suspect at work, then the less awkward it will be when you inevitably break up. Bottom line: this is still your place of work, and should things toe the line between professional and unprofessional, you will have HR and fellow employees on. You’ll have more luck if your feelings actually do extend beyond wanting to do it in the guest room at the family BBQ.

The best course of action is to talk to your homie about all the warm, fuzzy, entirely non-sexual feelings that his sister gives you.

Don’t ask her how many lap dances she gave that night or if anyone at the club touched her, or when she’s going back to school to become a kindergarten teacher. Your new GF is PAID to make men believe she likes them. Just make sure the tab at the end of your dates isn’t running you K. If you believe that you and the friend were really meant to be together all along, just know and accept that a friendship will probably die in the process. Leave the PDA at home, and hold off on becoming a “we” too quickly.

So your best friend is a member of the opposite sex, and one day she takes her glasses off and lets her hair down, or maybe you saw her get out of a swimming pool in slow mo, and you realize she’s actually hot. Now you have to tactfully get yourself out of the friend zone, which is a near-impossible feat previously mastered only by Freddie Prinze Jr.

You already know, and you clearly don’t care, so it’s a giant waste of our time. Keeping it a secret as long as possible is one way to successfully navigate this disaster of a minefield.