It hits the right sensibilities immediately the events surrounding Aprilyn begin to unfold as a bride left and forsaken by the groom on their wedding day and her confounded misery as the affair goes viral online.In her distraught mien, her path crosses that of a PR agency guy hired by the groom’s father and the rest is history; great film to help the quintessential heartbroken girl who wants to brainwash a new guy in her life about helping her to move on and take the ‘situationship’ into a real relationship. With a solid leading cast of Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan, the film explores cultural differences between a man from a traditional Pakistani family and a white girl in his pursuit of the American dream as a stand-up comedian with a side hustle as an Uber driver.Like Rayver, Gerald was also one years old younger than Sarah.

sarah geronimo dating rayver cruz-69

In spite of the restrictions of Sarah’s parents even though she was now 20-plus years of age, she often meet him secretly without really asking his birth date by means of Internet video call.

Soon they were broke up when she heard a mobile speaker phone claiming that he would rather have a relationship with Cristine Reyes, who is one years old older than Rayver.

By now, you surely have seen or heard the much talked about production number of Sarah Geronimo at ABS-CBN’s Sunday afternoon show ASAP 19 last April 6.

More than two weeks after that episode, the Pop Princess’ rendition of the popular Disney hit song ‘Let It Go’ (from the animated movie ‘Frozen’) is still a hot hit at video sharing Website You Tube.

These five date night films might just help you spice up your marriage or relationship.

is a Filipino film that renders this romantic terrain in sheer rom-com highs featuring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo.

It’s an intelligent, earnest and hilarious film that explores cross-cultural themes superbly, perhaps because it’s a real-life rendition of Nanjiani’s cross-cultural relationship with his wife Emily Vance Gordon who also co-wrote the film.

We know that, according to the traditional rule in today’s society, every man is responsible to love every woman who is one or few years old of age younger than a man (for example: man, age 27 years; woman, age 26 years), therefore there are capable to court together.

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