But that's not all – once taken to the station, Brown was also found to be carrying illegal substances, bumping up his charges from a “misdemeanor” to a “felony." Sadly, this wasn't Brown's first time headlining the tabloids, having been arrested for possession in 2007, found drunk driving in both 20, and caught threatening a woman and her child in 2014. While not exactly the same squeaky-clean image of Hannah Montana nowadays, Miley Cyrus is still definitely making news in the pop culture limelight, busting out Top 40 tunes and bizarre stage outfits by the dozen.

Starting off her mid-2000s career with every middle-schooler's popstar dream, the "Can't Be Tamed" sensation has continuously ridden the waves of entertainment fame to this very day – starring in a number of Hollywood films, musically touring the globe, and controversially shedding her Disney Channel image with scandalous antic after antic in the public eye.

Everyone's favorite teenage heroine was voiced by the one and only Christy Carlson Romano, who was also responsible for the catchy tunes of the series, along with "Teacher's Pet” - dedicated to the channel's animated series of the same name.

The Disney Channel's been know to skyrocket the acting, music, and dance careers of hundreds of child, teen, and adult stars – many of whom continue to bask in the adoration of millions of fans to this day.

Whether its finally getting that big break in the lead role of a live-action sitcom, lending their voice yo an animated series or winning audiences over with a dance or vocal performance here and there – some of the most currently successful Hollywood idols have Disney to thank for their rise to fame.

Once again, his on-screen appearance sadly did not last, getting voted off the series in the ninth week.

His most recent projects have included roles in small movies, including sequels to the infamous Sharknado franchise.

As a shock to many, the rising Disney sensation was later revealed to be struggling with depression, self-harm, and an eating disorder, entering rehab at the age of 18 and admitting to both substance abuse.

Fast forward to today, and the 25-year old star has dropped a new chart-topping studio album, become a judge for the American X-Factor, and has mentored teens and young adults on the issues of mental health and substance abuse.While she'll always be remembered for pop-and-lock-ing it on the channel's various programs, Stoner never really landed any bigger roles or opportunities to showcase her talent on the network.She has now currently returned to her dance roots – teaching aspiring performers at the Millenium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.As a blast from the past, here are 8 Washed-Up Disney Channel Stars (And 7 Still Making It Big).Who doesn't remember Kim Possible, and our crazy childhood dreams of being a part-time high-schooler and a part-time crime-fighting spy?His Hannah Montana days lasted a mere 10 episodes, before the writers wrote off his on-screen romance with Miley for good.