Charcoal recovered from an intact midden deposit at site Dc Ru-63 on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, was submitted for identification and AMS radiocarbon dating.Site Dc Ru-63 is a large shell midden occupation site.Radiocarbon dating the charred residue provides information on when the vessel represented by this sherd was primarily in use.

The Jeffrey Site-Area B is situated on a relatively narrow alluvial terrace, just north of Big Bend National Park in Brewster County, Texas.

Feature 2 consists of a pavement type hearth/shallow basin from which charcoal was collected for AMS radiocarbon dating.

A possible bison bone fragment was recovered from House 2 of the Minneapolis site, 14OT5, situated in Ottawa County, Kansas.

An AMS radiocarbon date of 1070 ± 15 RCYBP had been obtained on ceramic residue from this site, but was not a credible age for this context.

A bone fragment from the Folsom layer at the Mac Haffie site (24JF4) was submitted for collagen recovery and an AMS radiocarbon date.

After this analysis an additional bison bone fragment was submitted for subsequent collagen recovery and an AMS radiocarbon date.

Therefore, a fragment from the long bone shaft was submitted for AMS radiocarbon dating to obtain a context date to corroborate or refute the residue date; however, no collagen was present. Five charred Zea mays (corn) cob fragments and one charred Phaseolus vulgaris (bean) fragment recovered from two room blocks and a kiva at the Pigg Site (5MT4802) in Montezuma County, Colorado, were submitted for identification verification and AMS radiocarbon dating.

Also submitted for organic residue analysis were several painted ceramic mug fragments that were used to line a sipapu in the same kiva from which the corn and bean samples were recovered. A Besant phase potsherd with visible residue from site 24LT505 was submitted for AMS radiocarbon dating and phytolith and starch grain analysis.

The Mac Haffie site is situated on the western slopes of the Elkhorn Mountains in west-central Montana.

Paleoindian sequences contained within floodplain alluvium include a Folsom deposit with an estimated age of 10,425 radiocarbon years...

A bison pre-molar recovered from site 24CH395 near Square Butte in Chouteau County, Montana, was submitted for AMS radiocarbon dating.