hourglass and save me from the curse of fat girl enormabo! I spend all of my spare time: building a cult of polyfidelitous muppet communists, wandering around in historical attire as The Queen Of Cascadia, smoking quite a great deal of fresh Oregon legal plantlife, and crushing console zombie/alien skulls with no mercy.

As a thirteen year home-producing web vixen, I've covered a lot of content bases.

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While I still do live webcam occasionally, I only do them when I'm in that specific horny exhibitionist mood.

That said, you're always welcome to drop me a line and ask if I'm up for one. Your first 30 day trial's dues are due in one chunk of $150, then weekly on Sundays.

Depending on when you catch me, I may have another girl, another guy, both, neither, &/or a fucking machine around, not to mention a crazy porno bondage bed, 50 toys, 100 pairs of shoes, and more outfits than you would ever see even if you moved in. Servitude includes 5 slave assignments per week, unlimited text chat time, and a 50% discount on cam time, and periodic rewards for well done assignments.

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I've always had a thing for analyzing the sexuality of others and figuring out how to contribute to it for the benefit of both parties, so between this and the human dollification fetish, this career was simply natural progression for me once I had reliable access to internet.

I'm currently 46-40-56, 5'4", 250lbs, 40D, & have size ten feet, however my primary slave and I are investigating breast implant options to fill me out up to 40G to take me from a plump pear to a dramatic!

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