Yet you refuse to face life and admit your fault, running from your own humanity like a coward.

And though you claim to find life troublesome, you caused nothing but trouble for many others!

Y/N PLZ REPLY ASAP" and "I HAVE IMPORTANT INFORMATION 4 U, PLZ SEE ME TOMORROW AFTER SCHOOL" Naoto's insecurities are her gender and age.

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Your twisted logic is that of an immature, egotistic brat!

Naoto Shirogane is a playable character in Persona 4.

Yet when Yukiko ran off saying she had something to do.

Her crying when she thought 'she lost everything' kinda broke my heart.

She rarely jokes around which can make her seem like a killjoy or party pooper when the team is involved in silly antics.

In Persona 4 Arena, Kanji calls her out on this, saying she is too "uptight" and it makes her seem distant and on a different wavelength.[1] One of Naoto's insecurities is her lack of friends; she has difficulty making friends and is lonely as a result. A running gag, however, is that she texts in all caps with abbreviations, for example, "SEE U TOMORROW?

She wears her tie different like seifuku-style fashion.

In Persona x Detective, Naoto is seen with much longer, nearly waist-length hair.

I'm sure it was because I didn't say, 'I liked her'. I haven't seen all of them, so if you guys have a pick of your own, let me know?