"Always steer clear of ensembles that might offend," she said.

"Until you've gotten to know your potential new family and their beliefs, stay away from controversial pieces like political tees or fur." Another thing to keep in mind is how you deal with exposing any tattoos you may have, which can also be controversial.

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"This includes a low cut or revealing top and a short skirt, dress, or shorts.

It can also include skin tight clothing," she said.

"Just keep it pulled together to show an awareness of how you care after yourself.

No exposed bra straps, stained clothing, crop tops, chipped nails, tattered jeans, or scuffed boots — these visual cues may be perceived as being 'careless,' 'sloppy,' or 'irresponsible.'" As if you weren't stressed enough already about wearing something that fits the occasion, you should also pay attention to the signals certain colors send.

But "just be yourself" only goes so far as advice in these situations.

Elaine Turner, a Houston-based designer who also runs a styling program in 20 states, emphasized that "what you wear is another form of communication.Di Marco agreed and said that a t-shirt can be fine as long as it doesn't look like one of the free ones you got at the end of a 5K. "Wearing something too casual says that you don't." We all get it.Leggings are super comfortable and now come in a variety of textures, styles, and prints.Personal stylist Rayne Parvis agreed and suggested wearing something that "exudes trust, femininity, and loyalty." Athleisure wear is all the rage, and you might think that wearing your best gym clothes to meet your significant other's parents will send a signal that you care about your health and taking care of your body.Instead, you could be sending a different kind of signal.Wear long sleeves for the first meeting and give them a chance to learn about your personality directly, versus reading bits of it off of your body." you'll be meeting the parents.