Princess Charlene put on a stylish display on Saturday as she attended the Tournoi Sainte Devote rugby tournament in Monaco.The 40-year-old former Olympic swimmer showed off her trim physique in a matching grey utility jacket and jeans as she brought her husband and twins to the match in Fontvieille's Louis II Stadium.

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Just the NBA has more African-American/Black games fans than White/Caucasian games fans as normal viewers.

MLS likewise has the most elevated amount of Hispanic viewer engagement, with 34% of their fan base having a place with this demographic. 2 out of 3 fans in practically every game are men, yet that number is gradually beginning to change.

The NHL has a greater number of games fans who make more than $100k consistently than some other expert game, with 1 in 3 fans profiting consistently.

NASCAR has the least fans making more than $100k every year, with only 14% of the fan base at this wage level.

MLS takes into account the general poorest pay demographics for US sports fans, with 37% of the aggregate fan base making $40k or less amid the normal year.

The normal games fan in the United States makes between -75k consistently.In 4 of the 7 who consistently watched proficient games, the 35-54 age gathering is the biggest age demographic of games fans.The PGA has 63% of their fan base in the 55 age classification, while MLB has half of their fan base in the 55 age classification.School football is more grounded than some expert games fan demographics, yet has 40% of its viewership beyond 55 and 80% years old of the fan base is White/Caucasian.However contrasted with whatever remains of the world, US sports fans are a little rate of the demographics.Real League Soccer has the most youthful viewers in their demographics, with 14% of fans being in the 2-17 age demographic.