This area a largely one very large LR/DR, off of it is the kitchen with a 4 ft entrance, off that a laundry room.Some days these area do not get touched, other days they get hit thoroughly at the expence of the large room. The main point is, I could sub-divide this room, I just prefer the pot luck approach.

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if the chair legs are very thin, Roomba won't see them and bump into them full speed.

It has a hard time detecting black furniture as well.

If all the rooms are on the same level then it may be difficult to accomplish. That term "completely automate" requires some clarification.

The Roomba's filter and dirt bin are not very big so to send it on multiple missions without any intervention is not the best.

I don't have any wood floors, so I can't comment if it scuffs them up. For the highest capacity battery Irobot guarantees the robot will clean four 150 sqft rooms which is 600sqft total.

The front wheel might scuff the floor IF the wheel would come clogged with hair and stop rolling (But then the Roomba would notice this right away and stop and complain. With a Li-ION battery, my 400 series cleans about 900 sqft with no lighthouses or VWs. With the battery capacity in the present Ni CD batteries that i Robot includes in their new 500 series Roombas each Roomba could clean two rooms quite well.

Other vendors, like Costco, and others will carry Roomba models that support Lighthouse technology.

You get by using one Roomba, but you would want to break your home up in 1/2 (Or in some cases smaller areas), NOT zones. The Lighthouses help keep the Roomba in a "Zone" for a predetermined time, and when it's finished, the Roomba signals the Lighthouse to let it pass into the next zone.

The Roomba might leave scuff marks on your furniture.

It depends on the base of the furniture (Roomba detects some furniture).

Therefore you might be able to get all your rooms cleaned with 3 robots.