This is my favorite song of all time, but I couldn't tell you why.

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The Classic double entender anthem Summer of 69 that Bryan wrote the lyrics for has baffled scholars mainly because some of it is true but the numbers don't add up.

In 1969 Bryan lives in Texas & nowhere nears a drive-in & it is not until 1970 that Bryan moves to the never mentioned, isolated suburb Beacon Hill in between the Ottawa River, the Queensway & the edge of the city This is where Bryan's first real six string & the drive-in theater come into the picture.

So whenever his phone would ring when I was with him I would start singing the song(just being my cheesy self).

I am 14 years old and I just found out about this stupid 69 position... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE SONGS WITH HIDDEN MASSAGES.

Songfacts: What were the influences on "Summer of '69," and does the title refer to the sexual position?

Bryan: It's a very simple song about looking back on the summertime and making love.Let me break it down: In the first verse, he remembers his first real musical experience, how he tried to pursue it, but the others weren't as passionate as he was.In the second verse, he talks about getting into the real worl, having to work for some money, and in doing so, meeting a lover that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. It is a beautiful song and songs are never written just in a single stretch.Take a look at Bryan Adams official website( there is an interview section where he tells everything about this song, he also said that once he told this story to a journalist in a radio interview and she blushed and said to him"I'll never play this song again"So believe it, the son is in fact about 69 sexual position! I sincerely love this song, and I don't care if it's about sex or not... I registered just because I was so outraged by the very first statement. Bryan Adams didn't write the song and his partner on the song was nineteen in 1969. I doubt that there would have been much room in a 69 for a 69 as they were very small cars.Hope this clears up the mystery.- Mick, Leeds, UKThis song is terrible..i cant believe any of you would even listen to this... okay i'm just kiddding....i love this song and i never thought of the 69 position until i had to do a report on this song for psychology.JUst recently, my friend downloaded a summer of '69 ringtone onto his phone.