The old theory goes that if you see an ad in the newspaper that reads “Box of Free Cats,” no one will want them.

Yet, if you see an ad that reads “Cats: each,” people will be interested.

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Back to strangers, not really winking at each other?

” So many of the men's profiles I read seem to be feeling sorry for themselves and selling themselves short.

At its core, Online Dating is designed to exist as a process of natural selection where only the ridiculously hot and wealthy survive. You get elaborate descriptions of the individuals and a score sheet to see how you'd match up with someone, along with pictures of everything from men and their favorite pet (from my experience, usually cats) and a drunken night with friends.

Although you can find yourself feeling critical and even a bit self-righteous, these feelings are encouraged on dating web sites.

Who doesn't love the feeling in the beginning where they wonder if someone notices them?

Here, everyone is online for the same reason, and you get their life story in 2,000 characters or less on their home page (plus, a catchy headline).To me, it makes dating seem like a business or company.We've all received predefined rejection responses from jobs. So, is it better to ignore people you aren't interested in or send them a predefined response you put no thought or heart into?While dating web sites are supposed to be a safe and more sophisticated way to meet people online, these types of pictures drag the whole network down to myspace quality.The men or women who take these photos might be really nice and great catches, but I'll never know because of my initial first impression.Online Dating gives yourself a bigger venue to work with when it comes to opening yourself up to potential nutbars.