Roberts co-hosted the show with the rest of the band.Since Girls Aloud were formed Roberts has co-written two of the group's album tracks and two b-sides; "It's Magic" (Chemistry album) "I Say A Prayer For You" (What Will the Neighbours Say?Yo Yo 歌詞 [Verse 1:] I'm the kind of girl who like to dream a lot (dream a lot) Lose myself staring into my coffee cup (coffee cup) You and me easy to see. All the other girls they say you're full of it and talking shit.

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So I'm starting to get more, and more comfortable with just kind of being on me own on stage.

And the first time I did that, I was like, ″Oh, where are they, where have they gone″? Nicola Roberts: [Watch video above.] Perez Hilton: I have to get back to Cheryl for a moment because they’re very newsy.

Nicola Maria Roberts (born 5 October 1985) is an English recording artist and songwriter.

After auditioning and successfully completing the reality television series and competition Popstars The Rivals, Roberts became part of girl-group Girls Aloud.

Trinians film, playing the part of a schoolgirl with the other members of Girls Aloud, filmed in Spring 2007 and also in Britannia High with band mate Kimberley Walsh.

As a member of Girls Aloud, Roberts has taken part in many events and TV shows, such as the 21 December 2007 episode of The Friday Night Project.

Maybe Saturdays have made their mark but there hasn’t really been one that has been as massive as Girls Aloud and people are really missing the band. That means good, obviously the paparazzi haven’t gotten to her. Perez Hilton: But that means to — but I don’t think she needs to hide.

And some folks are skeptical that you will ever get back together. Are there any plans, any talks – Nicola Roberts: [Watch video above for answer.] Perez Hilton: There's all these reports about Nadine and none of the girls really talking to her. Nicola Roberts: Just last week, it was her birthday. Nicola Roberts: So she said that she was going to do a special dance to ″The Beat of my Drum″ in celebration. Like I don’t think she's done anything wrong or bad or that she should be ashamed of per say.

The group enjoyed 20 consecutive top ten singles, spawning five albums and positive critical responses.

During her time with Girls Aloud, Roberts received negative press attention for her pale skin tone and ginger hair which left her depressed with her fame.

Read some excerpts from our interview after the jump! Some of have leaked but it's good leaks because its all been good buzz, and good press. What was the process like when you started recording?