The NYC Police Museum’s collection also includes vehicles done up in Housing (like the Diplomat in the background) and Transit Police livery.

These separate divisions were eventually merged into the NYPD.

Dodge’s 318 V-8-powered M-body was a mainstay of police and highway patrol duty throughout its long life.

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The museum claims this was the first radio-dispatched four-door car used by the NYPD, issuing in the era of “you can outrun a police car, but not a police radio.” Fords have been a popular choice for the police since at least the days when the brand’s V-8 engines were endorsed by the infamous criminal Clyde Barrow, of Bonnie and Clyde.

Before placing what can be fairly large orders for new vehicles, most major police departments like the NYPD put prospective police vehicles through extensive vehicle testing regimens either at their own facilities or sometimes at manufacturer proving grounds.

” precinct, was indeed shot at a studio in the Bronx with lots of footage obtained on the streets of New York.

Their car was given this unusual color scheme to make sure residents didn’t mistake it for a real black, green, and white NYPD squad car, and it didn’t look that peculiar when viewed in black-and-white.

Chevrolet did a lot of police business with its 9C1 Police Package of uprated powertrain and suspension bits, including a 350-cu in. This particular example was built in tribute to fallen officer Edward R.

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