When Tarek saw Hadil, it was love at first sight and he tried flirting right away.Hadil hesitated to talk to him at first because she thought it would be impossible for love to blossom in such a difficult situation.

Now, they are married, so they can never be separated again.

Emma Perrier was a single French woman living in the United Kingdom.

The photos of “Ronnie” were actually a model named Adem Guzel, who lived in Turkey.

Emma mustered up the courage to message Adem, letting him know that someone was using his photos.

These 10 stories prove that love can be found in really strange places, even when we least expect it. Refugees must leave behind their homes, hitting “pause” on their personal goals in exchange for a place to survive.

Refugees have to sit, wait, and simply exist in a constant state of uncertainty before their new lives can begin.

There was just one problem: Tarek is Muslim, and Hadil is Christian.

She called to let her parents know about their relationship, and her entire family disapproved.

In a last-ditch effort to keep them apart, Hadil’s cousins showed up to beat Tarek, and they took her away to another camp in Greece.

Broke and helpless, Tarek had no way to get back to the love of his life.

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