This is a complete training system also covers Approach, Attraction, Seduction, Closing, Phone Game, Dating, and More.

This work has been hailed as "ingenious" by most of the guru's in the industry.

Now, in this massive 8 DVD set, Mehow takes his coveted GTG methods and shows how to seamlessly execute them in real venues, and with real women.

Master the art of approach and attraction by watching Mehow reveal his latest "3 Second Sexual Attraction" tactics in the field... In this sizzling DVD collection you witness Mehow's latest seduction breakthroughs, while Mehow narrates his hours or infield footage and gives the step-by-step guidance you need to effortlessly attract women in just minutes.

Watch the raw footage, witness the real results - and then get the behind the scenes and get the secret to approach, attract, seduce and same night pull.

Live events cover a vast range of topics including: Night Game Day Game And coming soon...

Online Game For a complete list of live events, including dates and locations, please check out our event schedule now.

When Mehow began coaching women 2 years ago, he discovered that a lot of the same techniques he taught men worked EVEN better for women!

Mehow fills these pages with tips and techniques, and word-for-word examples that you can use to achieve the dating life you want…

(Formerly called "10 Second Attraction 2.0")This is our most anticipated, most demanded, and hottest selling new product.

The "3SSA" training system is the ultimate blueprint to "Natural Game" for nighttime, daytime, and even online use.

Then, Mehow sits down with you and explains exactly what he is doing, why he's doing it, and how you can get similar results.

If you have to see it to believe - it then this is a must have.

Here you will find the motherload of back issues from the sizzling Infield Insider series.