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By seeing the couple together, the therapist erroneously suggests that the partner, too, is responsible for the abusers behavior.

Many women have been brutally beaten following couples counseling sessions in which they disclosed violence or coercion.

With an informed community, with the help of family and friends, the cycle of abuse can be broken.

MYTH: Relationship violence occurs in a small percentage of relationships.

Dating abuse does include physical and sexual violence.

But it also can include emotional and verbal abuse – which includes put-downs, insults, and threats.

You've noticed that he interrupts her, criticizes her family, yells at her or scares her. The way he treats her makes you uncomfortable, but you don't want to make him mad or lose his friendship. If you don't, your silence is the same as saying abuse is OK. Social worker Susan Schechter says couples counseling is "an inappropriate intervention that further endangers the woman...