This Trojan will then proceed to download and install further malware on your computer and make a variety of changes.After everything has finished downloading and being installed you will find the following changes on your computer: As you can see, the malware installed and the changes made are considerable, annoying, and can make your computer slower. This guide will walk you through removing the BREAKING NEWS malware pack.

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To terminate any programs that may interfere with the removal process we must first download the Rkill program.

Rkill will search your computer for active malware infections and attempt to terminate them so that they wont interfere with the removal process.

In the SPAM e-mail are links to the story in case you want to read more, but if you actually click on these links you will instead be brought to a hacked site pretending to be rather than the legitimate MSNBC site.

Once at the site you will be presented with a page imitating, but there will be a prompt stating that your Adobe Flash it out of date and that you need to install a new version in order to see the content on the page.

The Trojan will also make the user believe the computer has crashed by displaying a fake Blue Screen of Death (this is nothing but a screensaver that imitates the BSOD – a screensaver that you cannot change).

As a rule of thumb, delete any spam messages you get.

If you are uncomfortable making changes to your computer or following these steps, do not worry!

Instead you can get free one-on-one help by asking in the forums.

If you click on the download box, it will prompt you to download adobe_on to your computer and install it.

The adobe_file is detectable by most anti-malware companies as the following names: If you decide to install adobe_a Trojan with the filename of C:\WINDOWS\System32\Cb Evt will be installed on your computer.

MSNBC News live however is said to be now reporting with a bias towards the liberal party.