Sharon Anne Mitchell (née Watts, previously Mitchell and Rickman) is the adoptive daughter of Den and Angie Watts and is the mother of Dennis Rickman Jnr.Sharon is married to Phil Mitchell and acts like a mother to his daughter Louise Mitchell.

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Sharon and Grant's marriage is tempestuous and rows occasionally end in violence.

While Grant wants to start a family, Sharon prefers to concentrate on making The Queen Vic a success.

Hurt and missing her parents, Sharon traces her birth mother, Carol Hanley, who gave her up for adoption when Sharon was three.

They meet several times but when Carol confesses she only sees Sharon as a good friend and has no maternal feelings for her, the meetings stop.

Eddie fires Sharon for this and she takes him to an industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal; she wins, but Eddie refuses to reinstate her.

Sharon tells Grant she will only marry him if he buys her The Queen Vic her childhood home .With Den's body missing, Sharon persuades the police to drag a canal in April 1990; a body is found and identified as Den's.Sharon rekindles a relationship with Simon, but he cheats on her with Cindy Beale.When Dennis was stabbed in the heart which caused him to die, Sharon reveals she was pregnant and was going to name her unborn son, Dennis Rickman Jnr. Sharon Rickman returned Albert Square on the 13th of August in 2012 Adopted as a child by Den and Angie Watts, Sharon is raised at The Queen Vic public house in Albert Square, Walford, where her parents are landlord and landlady.A teenage romance with Ian Beale in 1986 ends when Sharon realises she prefers a more experienced man, Simon Wicks, who dumps her when she refuses to have sex.When Den gets involved in gangland crime, he is shot and presumed dead.