Gottfried here – complaining about how that all is.

This has less to do with any sort of racial or geolocational superiority and to do with cultural hegemony and class structures.

European colonization of India and Asia brought European aesthetics along with their culture, while the American slave trade and subsequent oppression of African-Americans directly affected what would be considered “beautiful”.

Men, on the other hand, are far more restricted in what we’re allowed to admit we’re attracted to.

If she doesn’t resemble a Victoria’s Secret model or Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, then he’s likely to take shit from his friends and peers.

Guys who by their own admission aren’t likely to be appearing in the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog – or even Sky Mall, for that matter – want to date women who would be considered “out of their league” and complain bitterly when it’s denied to them.

Here’s the fun part though: the men who complain about how unfair it is when gorgeous women refuse to fuck them are in effect complaining that women believe that they’re entitled to the same thing the men are: to bang a whole bunch of hotties.

This lengthy screed goes on about the apparently pernicious myth that women want a sense of humor, how being funny never got him laid and gets interspersed with complaints about the apparent cultural message that women only care about a good personality – which is frankly news to me. From the article: Guys are constantly being told that a good personality is the only thing that matters to women.

“If you can make her smile, it doesn’t matter what you look like.” I know this girl who prides herself on being attracted to nerdy guys.

If you’re looking for a Larry David type, they’re everywhere.